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Newsletter December 2019


If you’re looking at the calendar and thinking “isn’t there a games night this Saturday?” Well, there would have been if we had our act together and hadn’t totally forgotten. Sorry, folks, that’s what you get for free help. We’re rescheduling for January. Bigger! Better! More games! Stay tuned.

Something you may have forgotten is the Financial and Estate Planning Institute (FEPI) Seminar Saturday, November 16, Community Hall, 9:30 to 1:00pm. This isn’t a New Horizons initiative but we would encourage anybody to have your affairs in order before dying – and this might be the thing that gets you started. You might still be able to register or 250-443-4437. Details in the November First Edition, page 16.

If you haven’t renewed your New Horizons membership Diana would love to hear from you: or 250-335-3025. Note: if you have changed any of your contact info – phone, email, address – please advise Diana. It’s really easy to lose people and we wouldn’t want that, would we? Besides the priceless pleasure of belonging to Hornby’s most (insert superlative adjective here) organization, membership gives you access to over 20 sponsored programs (see the attached list). Also note that if you are not a member and are participating in any of those programs where an instructor is involved you are obliged to pay the instructor’s fee directly.

A new program starting in January is Life As Theatre/Theatre As Life Mondays; Jan. 6-March 9 10:30 am-12 noon. Led by Phyllis Victory, this program could be described as improv theatre for holistic development. If nothing else, it should be fun! See attached.

And while we’re on the subject of theatre… the next off-Island theatre outing is The Best Christmas Pageant Ever in Qualicum on December 15. Contact Lindsay or 250-335-1200 by November 23 if you’re interested.

And the news you’ve all been eagerly awaiting: The New Horizons Christmas Dinner is set for December 14th. Doors open 5:30, dine at 6:30. There will be games, angels, prizes, elves, maybe even a wise man. You have to register (we can only seat 70) so contact Diana at: or 250-335-3025. We supply the mains you (totally voluntarily) provide the fix in’s. Be ready to tell Diana if you can bring and appie, veg, or dessert.

Lindsay Allen
And The Board of New Horizons



September 2019

Wait! Wait! Don’t throw out that summer yet! I wasn’t finished with it!

Okay, we’re ready to roll out a new season! First up: The Meet and Greet. Thursday, September 26, 2 to 4 pm. This is the time to come out of hiding, commiserate over the ferry line-ups and the crowds in the coop, grab the opportunity to sign Mary’s cast, show off your tan (but dress appropriately, please) renew your membership and sign up for some of the thrilling/soothing programs we have lined up. There will be refreshments and nibbles. Bring a plate of something if you so wish.

On the subject of programs, please see the attachment for descriptions, times, contacts and other info. There may be a few gaps hiding in the details but we promise to have complete info at the Meet and Greet. Most programs will begin during the week of October 6. Note the new programs: Somatics (mind/body awareness in healing) with Phyllis Victory on Wednesdays, Nancy Adams’ Posture Lab on Fridays and the Drawing Club meets on Sundays. Sorry, Nude Bungee Jumping on the Helliwell Bluffs is not on but depending on the federal election we may offer Zombie Apocalypse Defence Strategies in the new year.

The first Literary Lunch will be on Thursday October 17th and the first Golden Lunch on Friday, October 18. Please don’t forget to enter your contributions of soups, salads or kitchen help in the Blue Binder – malingerers have been known to be flogged or tickled mercilessly.

And lastly, Off-Island Theatre Outings pops up early, as usual. The full season’s slate will be displayed at the Meet and Greet but we have a possible outing Sunday, October 6, when Courtenay Little Theatre is staging Agatha Christie’s Witness for the Prosecution (murder, mystery, courtroom drama, lies and evilness, what fun!). Time is threatening like a hangman’s noose so if you’re keen, you must contact Lindsay by Sunday Sept 22 at 250-335-1200 or

We welcome input from our members. You can email

Lindsay Allen


Finishing up the season. Several programs sponsored by New Horizons start winding
in March.
Memoir Writing’s last day is the 11th, Gentle Yoga the 19th, Integrated
the 20th, Scottish Dancing the 21st. Other programs will continue into April or
later. Check the Calendar on

Hot news: Holistic Strength Training is extended to April 10th.

The last Literary Lunch (I know, they’re over way too soon) was on Thursday, March
th. Remember to thank Bev Lownie for coordinating the Lunches all year. Andrea
Kaback was our speaker updating us on the School renewal project.

Remember when we announced a
Pub Night back in late January? Well, the great snow
of 2019 forced us to cancel that event but now – drum roll please – we’ve rescheduled!
There’ll be burgers, fries, salad, beverages, games (including a darts tournament) and
laughter. Everything a great pub offers
except warm beer. Yes, folks, scribble those
calendars again for
5:00 pm Sunday March 31, 2019.

Off-Island theatre outings
happening in April.

First, in Courtenay on Sunday April 7, 2019 at 2:00pm,
HEDDA GABLER, This version of Ibsen’s 1897 classic drama is set in
1963 Vancouver.
Call Christl 250-335-2666 by March 17 if you want to

Second,in Qualicum Beach on Sunday, April 28, 2019 at 2:00 pm,
ALMOST, MAINE. A tiny village whose inhabitants find themselves
falling in and out of love, often hilariously.
Christl already has 4 tickets
for this play, Let her know by
April 14.

While we’re on the subject of great theater and you have a
taste for soul-wrenching tragedy, blood-curdling terror,
heart-pounding passion and mind-numbing mystery….you
might want to consider joining the Board of New Horizons.
Yep, there’s all that and more at our meetings, every meeting,
guaranteed. Beats the daytime soaps all to heck. Now’s your
chance to be part of the real action on Hornby

Advance notice: this year’s AGM
will be 4:00 pm, May 25th 2019.
How much fun can you stand?

Lindsay Allen

January 2019

  • All our programs are ready for relaunch. Sponsored programs at the
    Centre are free to members – no excuses for any lethargy. Swimming in
    Courtenay starts on Monday, January the 7th, as does Memoir writing.
    Tuesday the 8th sees Gentle Yoga, Chair Yoga, Bowling and Bridge off to
    their start. On Wednesday the 9th Holistic Strength Training and
    Integrated Pilates begin. Dates, times and contact info for everything are
    found on the attached Program List and on our website


  • l The first Golden Lunch was Friday January 4th and the next one will be
    January 18th. The first Literary Lunch in 2019 will be Thursday the
    10th. Ellen Leslie will be speaking on Water Stewardship and
    updates to the Hornby Water Plan.


  • The 2019 Phone Books are out and available at the COOP, Ford Cove
    Store and at Literary Lunches. Get one and check if your name is spelled
    correctly. Hint: it is…probably.


  • In the depths of our cool and damp January we will be livening things up
    with an evening of food and frivolity. There will be burgers, fries, salad,
    beverages, games and laughter. Everything a great pub offers – except
    warm beer. 5:00 pm, Saturday, January 26, 2018. Mark it in your day
    timers and calendars now before you forget and end up disappointed.


  • And in February….we have another theatre outing. The ECHO Players
    present SECOND CHANCES at Qualicum Village Theatre February 17th.
    A 1955 off-Broadway production is coming undone – until a mysterious
    stranger appears. A musical with drama, comedy and romance. Call
    Christl Hansen 250 335-2666 by February 3rd to get with the group.


  • Haven’t paid your membership for 2018-2019, pay at Literary Lunch and/
    or contact Diana King at 335-3025

           Lindsay Allen


            December News Letter 2018


  •  First up, the Better at Home program is getting relaunched with a new coordinator.
    This is an initiative of Hornby Denman Health Care Society aimed at linking volunteers
    to shut-ins and those with limited mobility to provide small services other than personal
    care. There is an information and training session 1 to 3 pm on December 3rd at the
    HDHCS office. If you’re interested in being a volunteer (sainthood and self-satisfaction
    is the salary) or just curious, call Dominique Husereau at 250-898-0245.
  •  The last Literary Lunch for 2018 is Thursday December 13 and if you survive the
    holiday season the first Literary Lunch for 2019 is January 10. Mark those calendars
    now while you’re still conscious. The last Golden Lunch will be on December 21 and
    will begin again on January 4, 2019
  • The last day for most of our sponsored programs in the current term will be during the
    week of December 10 -16. However, Bowling ends December 4, both Yoga classes
    and Bridge on the 18th and Feldenkrais on the 20th. If you’re concerned about any
    mental and physical slothfulness you might acquire over the holidays most of the next
    term’s programs will start up during the week of January 7 to 13. Please consult the
    website for all the info. Keep moving, keep meeting.
    Its good for you.
  •  If you put off getting a 2018 phone book, you’re too late -they’re sold out. The good
    news is that presses are ready to roll on the 2019 phone book. You have a few days
    left to make corrections or add a listing (maybe the cat now has his own private line)
    and that deadline is November 26 – Email or call Don
    Geppert 335-2636. The new book will be out before Christmas – he said with
    complete confidence.

October/November 2018 News Letter

The fall season is upon us, along with a new season of fun at New Horizons!
We had an awesome turn out at the Meet & Greet in September. It was a
packed house, filled with conversation, camaraderie and delicious Hornby
fare to share. We have sixteen new members. All of the programs are now
up and running. For more information on them check out our website And, by the way, you can purchase a
book of 12 Program tickets for $10 at Literary Lunch or Bridge, or by
contacting either Holly Morgan or Jean Christie.

On a business note, if you have not yet remitted your Membership Dues
($25 per member – a veritable bargoon {if I ever saw one!) please contact
Diana King or drop off your payment in the New Horizons box at the Co-op
Free Post. Please and thank you.

Movie Night starts up on October 24 with the hilarious “A Fish Called
Wanda”. Doors open at 7PM and the movie starts a half hour later. Don’t
forget to bring your popcorn tub! Theatre Outings have already started,
with “The Ladies Foursome” or “Enchanted April”. The next pièce de théâtre
is “A Christmas Carol”, playing on Saturday, December 29th at 2PM in
Courtenay at the Sid Williams Theatre. If you want to attend, please contact
Christl Hansen at 335-2666.

Literary Lunch is as popular as ever, but we need help! If you are interested
in helping out in the kitchen or can provide a pot of soup or a yummy
dessert, please contact Bev Lownie. On Thursday, October 25, Andrea
Kaback will be updating us on how things are working out for the school.
And, remember, everyone is welcome to Literary Lunch, not just members.Speaking of food, we are resurrecting Pot Luck Dinners!! Yay! Come out on

November 3rd with a dish to share and join in on the fun! From there we roll
right into the holiday season with the annual Christmas Party! Please mark
your calendars for December 15th – details to follow. Anyone interested in
helping out email

2019 is feeling very close at hand so we are starting work on the new
Telephone Book. Please contact Don Geppert at 250-335-2636
or email to be added and/or to advise of any
change(s) in address and/or phone number.
From the Board of New Horizon

Our Newsletter Guru, Lindsay Allen was not available to put his normal flair to this newsletter. Anita Lewis and Holly Morgan stepped in and write they did.

Mary Craig

September 2018

Wow! That was fast.
Who told summer that September was here? And where are my wellies?

First up: the Meet and Greet, 4:00 pm September 30, 2018. Come out, renew your
membership, sign up for the wondrous activities and excursions we have to excite your mind,
body and spirit. Bring an appetizer to share, refreshments will be served. Have a wee bite
and refreshment as you reconnect with friends and neighbours and reminisce about that
fabulous summer and delightful ferry lineups. It’s our 40th anniversary so there will be
balloons, cake, door prizes and more!

A list of this year’s activities is attached. From bowling to yoga and quantum entanglement
seminars – just look at the fun you can have.

Literary Lunch starts Thursday, October 18. (We’re starting late to accommodate
the municipal elections – I know voting only encourages politicians but what can you do.) Bev
Lownie will be our coordinator again this year and she will be looking for assistance, people to
help in the kitchen and make soups and desserts. I would suggest that you volunteer before
she tackles you and beats you with a soup ladle (for a small person she can be painfully

Golden Lunch begins Friday October 12 and every other Friday through
December 21. Verna Kimmerly is coordinating this year and she will be calling you if you’re
lucky enough to be on her list – and there will be a sign-up sheet for help and desserts. This a
catered lunch for our elders and shut-ins, our more esteemed Islanders – the rest of you can
just be steamed.

Off Island Theatre Outings begin October 6 with Courtenay Little Theatre’s
production of The Ladies Foursome, a touching and hilarious play involving a round of golf.
Qualicum’s ECHO Players follow with Enchanted April – four women rent an Italian castle,
what could go wrong? – on October 21. If you’d like to join the group you have to notify our
coordinator, Christl Hansen (250-335-2666). The deadline is September 22 for The ladies
Foursome and October 7 for Enchanted April.

POT LUCK DINNER, SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 3rd, 2018, move details to follow.

And last of all, for your travelling edification, we’ve attached an October 9, 2018 to March 31,
2019 ferry schedule to guide your meanderings among our islands. This schedule indicates
connecting ferries, something the official schedules tend to render rather inscrutably. And no,
we make no promises the schedule won’t change.

Summer 2018

Summer! At last! Let the overloaded ferries, C0-0P lineups, fire bans
and the general mayhem of visiting grandkids begin!
More s’mors, please!
And bless every sticky finger.

Thanks to all who came out to the AGM May 26 – and were gentle with us. For those who missed it financial reports and the 2018-19 budget are being circulated to all. Jean Christie and Jeanette Edmonds are retiring from the Board after years of much appreciated service and we welcome Alison Stevenson and Bonnie Dickie as new Board members and delegatees of blame.

A few New Horizons sponsored programs continue into the summer months. Chair yoga stretches with Ambika Tuesdays at 11:30. The bridge group bids in Tuesday at 1:30, the golfers will keep losing balls until June 18th. Meditation melds with the universe Sunday morning at 8:30 and the camera club focuses at 7:00 pm. Other activities using the Centre include pilates with Patrick 9:00 Mondays and 9:30 Thursdays, yoga with Ambika 9:30 Tuesdays and yoga with Eila 10:00 Saturdays. Keep moving and meeting – the two best ways to stay alive.

The summer solstice, Thursday June 21st, is more than simply being the longest day, it’s the official opening of the Hornby Island Community Archives. Join the fun 2 to 4 pm

Please welcome our new Sunshine Person, Kathy Mukui, spreader of goodwill and pixie dust. If you know of someone enduring a broken leg or celebrating a new hip, please pass a message to Kathy ( 250-335-2721 or )

We are seeking a special someone who might be interested in taking on coordination of the Golden Lunch Program. Essentially, this means organizing, with a rock star group of volunteers, a catered lunch for our most esteemed Islanders twice a month October thru April. If you’re interested or simply want more information, call Mary at 205-335-2636.

Have a great summer and we’ll see you September 30th at the Meet and Greet.

April 19, 2018

Spring is sprung, the grass is riz.
I wonder where the flowers is.

You may feel a bit cheated by spring’s slow arrival but compared to anywhere else in Canada
maybe we shouldn’t gripe too much.
And with spring most of our sponsored programs are winding up – we do have to get out there
and grub around in the dirt. A few programs are continuing including chair yoga and of
course the bridge fanatics, both on Tuesday. Wednesday movie nights are still on and the
book club will meet until late May. Golf trips (a nice walk ruined) will start soon and the last
theatre outing is this coming Sunday. You can get info on all these activities on the website:
The summer break means there are even more opportunities to rent the New Horizons Centre
for your own private event. Think about it: a sensibly sedate get-together or a boisterous
(within reason) bacchanal celebrating a birthday, marriage, divorce, whatever. Rates are
reasonable. Call Lynn Nunley 250 335- 2101 for info and bookings.
People have been asking about the new deck covering on the north side of the Centre. It’s
about the rain, that falls all winter, that collects on the deck, that insists on running down the
north wall and into the lower storage room/office space. We’ve replaced the door and are
repairing the walls and flooring, but the only long-term solution was to cover the deck. Steven
Harrison has done a super job keeping it “Hornby” and – bonus points – we now have a great
protected barbeque space.
Thanks to all who turned up last month, March 8th, for our special meeting revising our
Constitution and Bylaws to comply with changes to the Societies Act. We can now file the
changes with the Registrar of Companies … but first, we have our Annual General Meeting.
YES! Another good reason to get together in a spirit of heartfelt fellowship and joy, or a
chance to grill your long-suffering Board of Directors – your call. Mark your calendars now so
you won’t miss this exhilarating event:

Hornby New Horizons AGM
May 26, 4 to 6 pm at the Centre.
Appies and refreshments to follow the meeting.

January 2018

All the New Horizons activities and programs are up and running this week. Flatten those abs!, Stretch those muscles! Get out and join the crowd before winter dust balls infect the belfry. Attached is a program listing all our activities complete with times and contact info. So, no excuses!
Literary Lunch for 2018 launches this Thursday, January 11, with a presentation from Ellen Leslie on the Hornby Island Water Plan. Sounds promising … or is it ominous? Come and see. By the way, Judith Lawrence is always looking for speakers and presenters. Got a story to tell, rumours to start, interesting people to finger? Call Judith 335-0751.
And Golden Lunch starts Monday, January 15. A catered lunch, a glass of something, a scrumptious dessert and fine company. Beats a peanut butter sandwich at home, doesn’t it.
Ron Edmonds is the recently appointed representative from New Horizons on the Ferry Advisory Committee. By now you’re aware of the new ferry schedule. How wonderful! Almost the same as what we had 5 years ago. Whoever it is we have to thank for finally acknowledging how counterproductive those service cuts were, well, thank you. Bonus! Attached is a schedule for you to print formatted to show connecting ferries. Still some wrinkles but so much better.
The New dishwasher has been ordered and will be installed soon. We’d dearly like to get a better fridge at the same time but we’re also facing some unanticipated electrical renovations so we’ll have to see.
Okay, you waited for it. Here it is. January 25 – The other major winter celebration! Yes, its Robbie Burns Day. Doors open 5:30, dinner at 6:00. Tickets are $15, available at Lit Lunch or by calling Verna Kimmerly 335-0630. Honour bar, and yes, there will be scotch. More details to follow

Submitted by Lindsay Allen

November 2018

Firstly, many thanks to HICEEC (Hornby Island Community Economic Enhancement Corporation for the acronymically challenged) who have given us a $2000 grant towards our dishwasher replacement project. Woohoo!
Christmas Party! Yes, there is one and its on December 15th! See attachments for details and rules. Of course there are rules – what’s a party without rules? One of the key rules is that there is limited seating so you have to phone Jeanette 335-3336 to sign up. (Hint: avoid disappointment, do it now.)
And speaking of Christmas, we’re collecting non-perishable food items for the Hornby-Denman Community Health Care Society’s Christmas hamper program. Please bring contributions to New Horizons where there will be a basket available.
Thank you, Elspeth Armstrong, for years of service being the representative from New Horizons on the Hornby Denman Ferry Advisory Committee. Now we need some brave soul to replace her. If you would like to volunteer, call Mary 335-2636.
Next stage of renovations in our downstairs office is to remove carpeting and lino flooring. If your holiday stress is building and feel an urge to rip and tear something we could use you. How does next Wednesday 10 am November 27th sound? If willing, call Mary 335-2636. We’ll buy lunch. Also, if you’d prefer outside work, we’re planning a grounds clean-up and burn the following Wednesday, December 6th. Sign up your inner pyromaniac by calling Lindsay, 3351200.
Thursday’s Literary Lunches – nourishing food and food for thought – are continuing. Coming up this Thursday, Graham Herbert will enliven things with “Funny Sailing Stories”. Last Lit Lunch before Christmas is December 14th and will resume January 11th, 2018. And don’t forget Golden Lunches (catered by sweetcheeks Ben) every second week. Next one is December 4th. While principally for our most respected elders, all are welcome, even if you’re less respected or less elder – but you have to pre-register by calling Gale 335-0355 a week before.
All our programs and activities are humming along and positive vibes are reported all ‘round. Some reminders: Check out Oakley’s NFB movies on Wednesday nights (this week, the Canadian classic, Mon Oncle Antoine). Next Thursday, the 29th, is the November Book Club’s ‘gentle’ discussion of The Possessed, Adventures with Russian Books and the People Who Read Them. And those of you signed up for Off-Island Theatre Outings should have received a notice about The Christmas Express in Qualicum, December 17th and Anne of Green Gables in Courtenay, December 30th
As always, more details, contact numbers and a complete explanation of string theory can be found on our award-winning website,



October 2017

(About this time every month this is where you’ll find announcements of upcoming events, reminders, and generally bits and pieces of information covering activities for the coming month.)

Coming up fast! Saturday, October 28, our first Pot Luck Dinner of the season. Doors open 5:00pm. Not to worry, you’ll easily get to the Halloween Dance in time to get your ghoul on. New Horizons provides the main, we ask members to bring desserts, veggie dishes, appetizers. Please contact Verna Kimmerly (335-0630) who’s tracking numbers and balancing contributions. 
Who uses phone books anymore? Duh! Everyone on Hornby!  The 2018 phone book is about to go to press.  The deadline is November 15. If you’re new to the Island, in a witness protection program, got a new boyfriend or have other reason to add or adjust a listing please email changes to
Haven’t paid your membership for 2017-18? Please note that memberships run from October 1st to September 30th, and you must be a member to participate in any program sponsored by New Horizons.  The annual membership fee is $25.00 per person (a bargoon!) and you can drop payment for membership off at the free post Attn: Jeanette, or mail to New Horizons, Box 43, Hornby Island, BC, V0R1Z0.
Literary Lunch has started and the third lunch is coming up on Thursday, October 26, doors open 11:30 am. Kent Lukinuk will be giving us a Portugal travelogue. We’ll try to post speakers and topics in advance but Judith is often as surprised as we are….
Check out our slick new website, Please, we’re delighted to get feedback and suggestions.
Bored, lonely and coming down with SAAE (seasonally affected autumnal ennui)? Check out the activities page on the website. There’s lots happening and the contact numbers for the program coordinators are right there. 

Lindsay AllanVice-President