September 2019

Wait! Wait! Don’t throw out that summer yet! I wasn’t finished with it!

Okay, we’re ready to roll out a new season! First up: The Meet and Greet. Thursday, September 26, 2 to 4 pm. This is the time to come out of hiding, commiserate over the ferry line-ups and the crowds in the coop, grab the opportunity to sign Mary’s cast, show off your tan (but dress appropriately, please) renew your membership and sign up for some of the thrilling/soothing programs we have lined up. There will be refreshments and nibbles. Bring a plate of something if you so wish.

On the subject of programs, please see the attachment for descriptions, times, contacts and other info. There may be a few gaps hiding in the details but we promise to have complete info at the Meet and Greet. Most programs will begin during the week of October 6. Note the new programs: Somatics (mind/body awareness in healing) with Phyllis Victory on Wednesdays, Nancy Adams’ Posture Lab on Fridays and the Drawing Club meets on Sundays. Sorry, Nude Bungee Jumping on the Helliwell Bluffs is not on but depending on the federal election we may offer Zombie Apocalypse Defence Strategies in the new year.

The first Literary Lunch will be on Thursday October 17th and the first Golden Lunch on Friday, October 18. Please don’t forget to enter your contributions of soups, salads or kitchen help in the Blue Binder – malingerers have been known to be flogged or tickled mercilessly.

And lastly, Off-Island Theatre Outings pops up early, as usual. The full season’s slate will be displayed at the Meet and Greet but we have a possible outing Sunday, October 6, when Courtenay Little Theatre is staging Agatha Christie’s Witness for the Prosecution (murder, mystery, courtroom drama, lies and evilness, what fun!). Time is threatening like a hangman’s noose so if you’re keen, you must contact Lindsay by Sunday Sept 22 at 250-335-1200 or

We welcome input from our members. You can email

Lindsay Allen