January to March 2019



New Horizons offers several different types of programs and events. Some programs run for
10 weeks and include a paid instructor. For off island trips (such as swimming, bowling, golf and theatre) we
subsidize the cost of fuel and reimburse the cost for the car on the ferry (provided there are 3 or more New
Horizon members in the vehicle). Members have to pay for their own ferry fare and cost of admission to the

All programs offered at the Hall have a user fee of $1.00 per session.

Literary Lunches starts January 10th Lunch is followed by a half hour entertaining presentation, moderated by Judith Lawrence. Volunteers are needed to help serve lunch or to donate a tasty soup or delightful dessert!

The Golden Lunch is moving to Fridays! The lunch is still biweekly but will begin on Friday, January 4th. Lunch is $8.00. A delicious entree will be served and dessert is provided by volunteers. This program provides our seniors a place to socialize with other seniors and lunch is served as if they are in a first-class restaurant.

Off island trips (such as swimming, bowling, golf and theatre) are partially subsidized. New Horizons subsidizes the cost of fuel and will reimburse the cost for the car on the ferry provided there are three or more recognized New Horizons members in the vehicle.  A travel expense claim form, with appropriate receipts attached, is required for reimbursement (click here for travel expense claim form). Completed forms can be placed in the New Horizons box in the Freepost at the Co-op or submitted to the Treasurer, Verna Kimmerly. Note that admission to the event and the per person ferry crossing fee is paid by the member.

For more info on New Horizons activities, contact Holly Morgan at or Alison Stevenson at



Meditation   8:30am  

Mette Wullum 335-2941



Theatre Outings – Occasional

Christl Hansen       335-2666



Swimming in Courtenay, Mondays once a month

Sherry Lukinuk 335-3030



Memoir Writing @ 2:30pm Starts Jan 7

Cornelia Hoogland 335-1150



Gentle Yoga @ 9:30am Starts Jan 8

Kim June Johnson   335-9012




Chair Yoga weekly @ Noon  Starts Jan 8

Rachel Goodman 335-0493


Bridge @ 1:30pm – 4:30pm

Jean Christie 335-3011


Bowling in Courtenay 1st Tues of the month

Jim Crawford 335-0116  or

Christa Weiss 335-0578



Holistic Fitness (Strength) @ 12 Noon Starts Jan 9

Rachel Goodman 335-0493


Integrated Pilates @ 1:00 pm Starts Jan 9

Rachel Goodman 335-0493


Book Club @ 3:00 pm last Wed of the month

Lindsay Allen 335-1200


Film Nights Dates to be announced @ 7:30 pm

Oakley Rankin 335-1606



Literary Lunch weekly @ 12 Noon

Starts January 10 2019


Garden Club @ 2:00 pm 2nd Thurs of the month

Joanne Wyvill 335-1508

Scottish Dancing weekly @ 7:30 pm Starts Jan 10

June Cannon 335-2841



Hiking Group @ 10:00 am Starts Jan 4

Diana King 335-3025

Golden Lunch, bi-weekly Starts Jan 4

Verna Kimmerly 335-0630


We welcome input from our members. Please email your ideas and comments to
Thank You.